Serving long term in India requires a full-time identity as a business person, student or tourist. You can use your full-time identity to greatly impact people who have never had access to the gospel before.


Along with this, you have the opportunity to work alongside national ministry partners. Below are some of the current positions available as a “Full-time Identity” followed by ministry positions. Mix and match to create your perfect fit and get in touch with us for more detailed descriptions.


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Business Consultant
(Min. 1 year commitment)
Help businesses and ministries alike develop their leadership teams and reach their goals. This position is best for those with business management or consulting experience. Contact us to learn more about the program. Stateside internships are available if you would like to learn the process before working on the ground in India.
Tours & Hospitality
(Min. 1 year commitment)
Partner with a current hospitality business in Delhi to help develop their tourism business. If you enjoy meeting people, managing details, and exploring, this could be the job for you! Proceeds from this business currently fund the prevention of human trafficking and the restoration of those rescued from trafficking.
Online Creatives Consultant
(Min. 3 months commitment)
Are you a blogger, YouTube Chanel Host, Web Designer, Videographer, or photographer? Advance the gospel in India while you do what you love! India is the land of a billion people and therefore many stories to be told. Use your skills as a consultant to local businesses or ministries, or to do work for American companies while living in India. Let us know if you think this could be a good use for your skills and we will find the right fit for you.
Legal Research Assistant
(Min. 3 months commitment)
Looking for a way to fight for the rights of the sexually abused? Join a team of lawyers and social advocates to complete needed research and create awareness programs. You can stand in the gap of a broken justice system, shining the light of Christ in one of the darkest places in India. This position is geared towards those with interests in law, social work, and community development.
Justice Products Distributer
(Min. 6 months commitment)
Create a new life for those once in desperate poverty and empower gospel work through finding and sourcing products made in India. This position requires creativity and networking as you partner with nationals to make great products and identify demands of the market.
Computer Information Systems
(Min. 1 year commitment)
Do you enjoy technology? Consider bringing that passion to the business or ministry world in the city of Delhi. The opportunities are plentiful in this field as India places a high value on technological knowledge. Use your knowledge to help churches or slum children or to create jobs. Contact us to see what positions may match your particular skills.
(Min. 2 years commitment)
Work as an English consultant in schools to gain influence in the lives of India's future leaders. If you have a passion to see children know the Truth, this position could be right for you!
(Min. 1 year commitment)
Do you have a desire to pursue further education without breaking the bank? Would you like to make an impact for the Kingdom while studying? You can pursue your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or certificate studies of many topics in Delhi. Get in touch if you have a specific degree you are interested in to see what options are available to you.
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Anti-Trafficking Advocate

Youth Group Church Intern

Basic Level Computer Programing Teacher

Girl’s Home Program Facilitator

Boys Young Adult Program Leader

Ultimate Journey Facilitator

Church Planting Assistant

Church Small Group Leader

Pastors’ Trainer

Community Developer

Sunday School Coordinator

Trainer of Interns

Host for Short Term Teams

Special Needs Ministry

Ministry to the Elderly

Ministry to the Blind/Deaf





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