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Letter Writing

Sending letters to your sponsored child is a great way to encourage them and build connection with them. However, sponsoring a child through a Christian organization in India is very sensitive. Many of the children are from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds and could be offended by certain things that just seem normal to a sponsor. Therefore, we have some guidelines and tips as you write letters to help you positively encourage your sponsored child.


It is our prayer that all the children will trust in Christ as Savior. We encourage you to pray for all the children (and their families) at Life Tree Foundation School, especially the child you sponsor. Teachers and other staff also pray for the children and their families, teach them from the Bible, and witness to them on a regular basis. We are confident that God will work powerfully in the lives of children and families through this project, but patience is also key in a culture that is generally resistant to the gospel.


Things to include (You do not need to include all these things. They are just ideas.):

-Information and stories about your family

-Photos of you and your family

-Important events in your life

-Stories of things that have happened in your life recently

-A Bible verse

-A drawing or other flat piece of art made by you or a friend or family member

-A picture or piece of art that you found somewhere.


Topics to avoid:

-Mentioning meeting the child someday

-Emphasizing material items/possessions (This will emphasize differences and disparity between you and the child.)

-Sex and Sexuality

-Weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

-Telling the child to trust in Jesus or pressuring them about religion

-Mentioning the eating of meat, eggs, fish, chicken or any non-vegetarian food. (Especially do not mention beef as it is very offensive to certain people.)

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