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Less than 1 year



Short term trips are tailored to fit the gifts and callings of participants and meet the needs of the city. Activities include VBS, teaching,  women's ministry, slum ministry, pastor training, trafficking prevention, youth mentoring, etc.

Available trips are described below. Additional trips can be customized for individuals, churches, and ministry groups.

Contact us at for more information about serving short term.

Once you set foot in Delhi, you will never be the same... and you won't want to be.



All ages welcome

$800* for a 1-week trip

$1200* for a 2-week trip

*Plus airfare and visa


6 week trips for ages 18-25

(6 people maximum) 

$2400 + airfare & visa

Summer trips


3-12 month internships for

Ages 20+

$1200/month + airfare & visa

Flexible start dates


Serve in an unreached urban area alongside local ministry partners in a tuition center for children.


I learned so much about myself and God throughout this journey. I was given a perspective to a way of life that didn’t revolve around me. A life that intentionally served others. He stretched me beyond what I thought I was capable of. He expanded my horizons. He showed me the way He see’s things and how He’ll redeem the world.

I have been on a lot of mission trips but going to India was different. If you have a chance to interact with local missionaries, you will not be the same. It has deeply affected my own walk with God.

- Lori

Student Ministry Leader

- Liz

IJM Student Leader

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