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What is Metro Effect?

Metro Effect is a sending organization for long term missionaries that also organizes short term trips and raises funds for specific ministry projects.

Are donations to Metro Effect tax-deductible?

Yes. Metro Effect is an approved 501(c)(3) organization.

How are donations used?

97% of every donation goes to the missionaries and ministries that donors designate. The remaining 3% is used to cover administrative expenses.

Where does Metro Effect work?

Currently, Metro Effect works in New Delhi, India. But we are interested in expanding to other cities in North India and possibly beyond.

Why New Delhi?

New Delhi is a city with tremendous physical and spiritual need and a population of over 25 million. It is also a very strategic, central location to start from and expand to other areas. Click here for more information.

Does Metro Effect offer short term trips?

Yes. Click here to see short term trips and costs.

I am unable to travel overseas. Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes. There is a huge need for prayer, fundraising, encouragement, mobilization, and more. Click here for information about sending other missionaries. Click here for information about mobilizing others to have a heart for missions.

Is Metro Effect associated with a certain denomination?

No. Metro Effect works together with denominations and other organizations, but it is not directly affiliated with a certain denomination. We seek to honor God and follow his Word in all that we do. Click here to view our doctrinal statement.

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