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Donate to a school reaching underprivileged children in India with great education and the good news of Jesus.


Education is the key to lifting children and their families out of poverty, building their confidence and character, and giving them opportunities to succeed and thrive in the world. It also opens the door to develop deep relationships with families otherwise unreached with the gospel and share Christ with them in personal and powerful ways.

A Christian School For 100 Children

Metro Effect is partnering with a brand new school in India to reach 100 children (and their families) with great education and the good news of Jesus in 2019. The school will begin with young children and add 25 children and 1 grade each year. When children graduate from this school, they will have an excellent foundation to pursue further studies and a career in a country where placements in good colleges and companies are fiercely competitive. They will also have a rich knowledge of the Bible and many opportunities to trust in Christ. Although the school will never force children to accept Christ, we are confident that God will work powerfully in the lives of these children and their families.




Email, and request to join the prayer team for this project. We will send you regular updates and encouragement to pray for God to move with power in and through the children and their families.

Donate to the Project

We would be so grateful if you could make a donation of any size to this school. Every little bit helps, and every big donation is appreciated too! Together, we can change the lives and eternities of countless children this year and for many years to come. Click Here to donate to this project.

Sponsor a Child

For only $29/month, you can sponsor a child's education and food as you develop a special connection with that child through letter writing and prayer. Click Here for more information about Child Sponsorship.


We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this project. Feel free to contact us at or speak directly with any of our volunteers.

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