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There is a tremendous need for goers and senders to reach those who don't have access to the good news of Christ. There are thousands of people groups in the world that are still unreached with the gospel, and most Christians don't even know it.  And only a small number of those who know about the unreached world are doing anything significant to help reach it. That's where mobilizers come in. Mobilizers educate people about the need for missions and the ways that every Christian can be involved through going and/or sending. Mobilizers captivate people's hearts with God's global purpose and help them channel their inspiration into action.


Mobilization is best done among people you already know. You probably have lots of friends and acquaintances who would give, go, and pray for missions in radical ways if someone with a missional heart reached out to them. Here are some practical ways to mobilize in your community and some resources to help you in your efforts.


Talk with your friends about missions. One of the best ways to mobilize is simply to bring up the topic of missions in conversations with your friends.


Plan a giving project. Something special happens when a group of people decide to give missionally together. You could change the entire culture your school or youth group for Christ, and radically alter the destinies of people overseas. You don't need to be the leader of your group. Just talk to your leaders, and explain how a giving project could be a great experience for your group. For more information and a list of potential giving projects, click here.


Help others pray for missions. This could be something as simple as adding a 5-minute prayer time

for missions to the end of your small group, or something as big as starting a missional prayer meeting at your church.


Educate people about missions. Lead a small group Bible study about missions, or ask your leader if that could be your next small group topic. Xplore is a great 7-lesson study about what God is doing in the world and how everyone can help. Click here for a link to Xplore.


Connect people with opportunities to serve short term and long term overseas.


Open Doors


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