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Is to glorify God by helping people know Jesus and passionately follow him in urban North India and beyond.

Core Values



Love God with all your
heart and love your
neighbor as yourself.


Encourage one another and work together with other organizations.
Reduce administrative cost. Maximize effort spent on helping people know Jesus.



Pray continuously.
Pray intensely. Rely on
God in all situations.


Know God's Word.
Believe God's Word.
Live by God's Word.


Always be growing and improving. Adjust to changing circumstances.


People chose sin over God and brought death upon themselves.

Jesus came to rescue people from sin by dying in their place.

Jesus rose in victory and gives eternal life to all who trust in Him.

Eternal fire is reserved for all who do not trust in Jesus.

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Why Delhi
The People
With 25 million residents, Delhi has more than twice as many people as New York City and Los Angeles combined. And thousands more are moving to Delhi every day. This city is an incredible fusion of traditional culture and modern urban life. A city with this many people and subcultures needs hordes of gospel workers. But sadly, there aren't many.
The Potential
Delhi is the capital of India. And because it also has the most people, everyone in India is watching Delhi. A revival in Delhi would have major legal and cultural implications across the entire country.
People are also flooding to Delhi from all over India with hopes of good jobs and quality education. If the inhabitants of Delhi could be reached with the gospel they could tell their friends and families in other states about Christ, and the whole country could be evangelized. 


The Problem
Delhi is less than 1% Christian. And most people don't have access to the gospel. They don't know a single person who could tell them about Christ, and they don't have any churches that speak their language in their community.
A major focus of modern missions is to reach every language and culture group with the good news of Jesus Christ.  A people group is considered unreached if it doesn't have enough local Christians to spread the gospel in that particular group. With 615 unreached people groups, Delhi has more than any other city in the world. In fact, 1 of every 7 unreached people groups in the world is represented in Delhi.

There are millions of people in North India

who don't know anyone who could tell them about Jesus.

No churches are in their community.

No missionaries are trying to reach them. 

"The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time."

-Carl Henry

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